Sunday, October 1, 2017

Gesus the Gator Walking on Water

其實我今天整天不在家,在菲律賓雨季的大雨中開車去城裡被人修理… 看到能去安古蘭的新聞有突然中樂透的感結,因為我已經忘記有報名這件事了(最近有點痴呆,健檢證明缺鐵QQ,是真的),總之太好了,要謝謝我的強運,才能和靠實力的其他名家一起去。晚上回到家想說或許該貼圖慶祝,但最近除了爬蟲類以外只有畫爬蟲類,身陷爬蟲類世界的原因一是小犬近來沉迷恐龍時代,另一是在佛羅里達的摯友想拿我畫的鱷魚去刺青…解釋一通不知道為什麼,總之這是涉水而行的佛州短吻鱷心中OS「"尪骨冷"我來惹~」(忘了畫尾巴)(忘了就算了)

Today I found out that I've been selected to join Taiwan's delegation to participate in Angoulême International Comics Festival 2018, one of the biggest comic-cons in the whole freaking world. I am grateful. This drawing here was not made for the good news; it's just Gesus the Gator Walking on Water and going to France who has forgotten its tail. That's all.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Gainesville, FL, Memories

Gator, Punk Turtle, or Turtle Punk?, Banjo, Possum, 
Spanish Moss, and Blue Moon, some of the things that I miss about GNV.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


So the Han culture puts its version of Valentine's Day (the 7th day of the 7th month on lunar calendar) within the Ghost Month, when all the dead rise from hell. Some twisted sense of humor?

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Dino Daze

...just because dinosaur is the only thing my child talks about these dayz, and I've found meself in a dino daze. (Dino dialogues were provided by the 4-yr-old.)
我真的沒有很喜歡恐龍,但是小犬每天只談恐龍啊~我被洗腦成無意識畫恐龍惹Q__Q (對話框是我小孩叫我畫的對白也是他提供的世人都知道有圖就一定要有對話框der)